A & D Musical Instrument Appraisals – Accredited Senior Appraiser – Musical Instruments and Expert Witness, Rebecca Apodaca, prepares IRS and USPAP compliant musical instrument appraisals for all instruments. Vintage guitar appraisal are her specialty » A and D Music, A&D Music, AD Music, litigation, Guitar Expert, Musical Instrument Expert, Expert Services, Guitar expert witness, rock band equipment.

Published Articles

Authored by Rebecca Apodaca

Articles regarding hands-on situations in appraising a variety of musical instruments and their related accessories; information on Certified and IRS Qualified Appraisals; Music Products Industry News and articles on music retailers in the nation. These articles were published in print by Music & Sound Retailer Magazine, Vintage Guitar Magazine, American Musical Instrument Society Newsletter, Piano Technician Guild Newsletter and Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians-Technicom. Links below are to the online versions.
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NEWS – Music Products Industry

May 2014
RC Allen Passes – Vintage Guitar Magazine, Vol. 28 No.08 June 2014

January 2013
Getting Educated is the Key To Survival” – NAMM

July 2012
AMIS -The U.N. of Musical Instruments
http://www.msretailer.com/msr/the-u-n-of-musical-instruments/ Front Cover

June 2011
Formiable Females – Cindalee Hall-President Rickenbacker International
http://www.msretailer.com/html/2011/08/Formidable.htm Page 62

December 2012

Gott Music” Gottschalk Music Center – Clovis, CA


November 2012
Tegler Music Charts Successful Course” – Tegler Music-Clinton IA

October 2012
Senseney Makes Sense” – Senseney Music, Inc. –Wichita, Kansas

September 2012
The Candyman Can” -The Candyman Strings & Things-Santa Fe, NM http://www.msretailer.com/msr/the-candyman-can/

August 2012

Monster teaches us a Lesson” -Monster Music-Levittown, NY

July 2012
You’re my Customer.”

June 2012
Get dressed and go to work”- Music Center, Inc.- Kenosha, WI

May 2012
Eat a Bug”- Owensboro Music Center-Owensboro, Ky

April 2012
Elderly and definitely wiser”-Elderly Instruments- Lansing ,MI

March 2012
Musicians Tool Store” –Corner Music –Nashville, TN

February 2012
Out of the Ashes”- Washington Music Center –Wheaton, MD

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